Free Math Calculator Releases Free Flash Card Maker for Students

Free Math Calculator help students create flashcards to test themselves and to annotate solutions in order to sharpen their maths skills ahead of examinations.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- Math is one of the most challenging subjects according to a recent student survey, and the decline in students taking advanced mathematics at college level is causing consternation among professors. Free Math Calculator offers resources that are accessible to everyone for free, democratising mathematics for a new generation who might not previously have been able to afford such tools, nor could financially stretched schools provide them. Now, they are aiding with study efforts by providing a free flash card generator for revision, quizzes and note taking.

The free flashcard maker can be downloaded direct from the Free Math Calculator website and comes with an unlimited license that enables users to create countless flash cards for any topic. It takes just minutes to install and has an intuitive interface that allows users to enter their own content to customize the flash cards for their needs.

The flash card maker can also be used for other subjects, but comes with a database of popular formulae that are included in all math courses from basic elementary school to advance collegiate level, so that no matter the skill level of the individual they can reinforce and develop their knowledge effectively using this free software.

A spokesperson for Free Math Calculator explained, “Flash cards are a great way for students to test their knowledge and refresh gaps in the syllabus that they might have missed. The software allows for double sided printing with a challenge on the front of the card and a solution on the back, making it a perfect tool for friends to use together, bringing an element of fun back into studying. They can also be used purely to keep annotated formulas on to aid with initial study as opposed to revision, reducing the volume of information they need to carry in order to be able to learn effectively.”

About Free Math Calculator
Free Math Calculator provides an online mathematical calculator set including a fraction calculator, scientific calculator, GPA calculator and multiplication tables. Their latest release is a free flash card maker that aims to aid students in their revision for exams and sharpen their skills in mathematics by providing ready formulas for reference. For more information, please visit: