MDR Media LLC Giving Away 5,000 Free UV Bracelets


Middlesex, UK -- (SBWIRE) --06/08/2011 -- The saying goes that the best things in life are free. But now, the best things in life are free and they can help keep the sunburn away this summer.

The lifestyle website,, has released 5000 silicon bracelets that are fashionable, useful and most importantly, free. The bracelets are activated by ultra-violet rays from the sun. They change colour from white when inside and out of direct sun light to become a progressively deeper purple colour when it detects increased rates of ultra-violet radiation.

Ultra-violet rays, known as UV rays for short, are invisible to the human eye and are the main cause of sunburn. UV rays are even present during cloudy days. Recent statistics show that 1 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the UK. Doctors believe this is as a result of people ignoring UV radiation during mild or cloudy days and not protecting their skin.

The UV index technology in the bracelets let users know when to get out of the sun or to put on a hat and cover up to protect themselves from the harsh UV rays, along with a friendly reminder to re-apply some sunscreen. The stylish bracelets are light and fit easily. The UV bracelets are widely used in the southern hemisphere and were popular during the Australian summer.

The bracelets are just one of many items website has in store for its members in the months ahead which will be packed full of promotions. The founder of the website said, “People are always looking for free stuff but most of it ends up in the rubbish pretty quickly. At, we really try to put forward products that are useful and that people actually want. The silicon UV index bracelets are definitely a good find and will be very useful over the summer months.”

Other sections the site has include free samples, competitions, games and of course, money. The site collaborates and gathers offers from other businesses to give members a one-stop site with information on an increasingly broad range of products.

“We’ve been giving our members offers of everything from IKEA vouchers to packets of almonds. There’s an amazing amount of free stuff out there which often goes unnoticed,” the founder of the site said.

To get a free bracelet or to see more of what has to offer, please go to