Free Time Converter Creates Intuitive and Simple Countdown Clock Software

Well known time related Software Company releases new free Microsoft Windows countdown clock software that is quick and intuitive.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Everyone has something to look forward to, whether it’s an upcoming holiday, a special occasion, or simply the time when they can leave work. In these situations, and in many others, a countdown clock is an essential item. It helps people determine just how long it will be until a specified point in the future and in certain situations adds a sense of drama to proceedings.

In the past countdown clocks were generally mechanical items, but in the digital age they tend to be either small pieces of digital equipment or software applications on other devices., the well known time related software company, has recently created a countdown timer software application for PCs that is creating a huge buzz in the industry.

This nifty piece of software has a single, simple application. It performs the function of a countdown clock, and no other function. This is where the software derives its strength. Without the distraction of other tasks it can perform its job without any superfluous computing power or distracting extra functionality.

This focus on a single function also makes the software extremely easy to use. Users simply enter the time that they wish to count down to into the software, and it will steadily display a decreasing figure indicating the time remaining. When the time it up, it will display a gentle alert letting the user know that the awaited time is at hand.

A spokesperson for the company said: “A countdown clock is certainly a piece of software with a huge amount of different uses. Our software can be used to do many things, from cooking to anticipating a birthday. However it only has one function: to accurately count down time until a defined point in the future. One of the biggest problems with software in the modern age is “feature creep.” This is the process whereby a piece of software is filled up with so many features that it loses focus. It becomes a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Our countdown clock is certainly a master of its trade. It makes it extremely easy to set a countdown, and it’s also completely free.”

About is a time related software company that has created various pieces of free software that are used to measure and convert time. To date they have released a time zone converter, a time calculator, a stopwatch, a countdown clock and a stopwatch.

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