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Freewheel Clutch Market - Global Industry Insights, Trends, 2017–2025


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2017 -- Overview: Wheel clutches are one way rotation couplings which help in transmitting torque in one direction and allow idling/freewheel in the opposite direction. These freewheel clutches are designed to maximize torque capacity. Freewheel clutches acts as automatic clutch which makes possible to change gears in manual gearbox. This produces slightly better fuel economy on carbureted engines. The freewheel transmission make the heavy vehicles such as trucks and automobiles dangerous when travelling in mountain ranges. These devices have wide range of application in agriculture, vehicle transmission, as engine starter, in bicycle, helicopters, and many others. In agriculture equipment this clutch is used in conjunction with a tractor without a live power take-off (PTO). The freewheel clutch transmits the engine power to the gear box without disturbing the when engine is on run mode. The freewheel clutches are built in, centrifugally lift, combined bearing, self-contained freewheel or they have custom specific. The majority of transmission systems are manual, however, the trend is changing, with semi-automatic and fully automatic transmission overtaking manual transmission on account of the convenience they offer. As a result, OEMs are now shifting towards adopting automatic transmission in their vehicles. In automatic transmission systems, the manual clutch is replaced by a torque convertor. This is hindering the growth of the automotive clutch market.

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Global Freewheel Clutch Market– Drivers and Restraints

The Global Freewheel Clutch Market is customer inclination towards more convenient modes of transmission has mainly driven the market. Also growing demand for passenger cars in emerging economies has also driven the Global freewheel market across the globe. Replacement of manual clutch by freewheel clutch in automatic transmission systems has greatly restrained the market. The major challenge that the global freewheel clutch market could be low fuel efficiency of vehicles equipped with automatic transmission systems can be a major restrain. Cost factors could restrain the market in comparison to other clutches.

Global Freewheel Clutch Market– Segmentation

The Global Freewheel Clutch Market is segmented based on type, based on by Application.

Global Freewheel Clutch Market by product type:

Sprag clutches
Sprag cages
Trapped roller clutches
Global Freewheel Clutch Market by transmission type:

Manual Transmission
Automatic Transmission
Automated Manual Transmission
Continuously Variable Transmission
Global Freewheel Clutch Market by Application:

Agricultural equipment
Engine starters
Vehicle transmissions
Global Freewheel Clutch Market– Region Wise Outlook

The Global Freewheel Clutch Market is divided into seven regions including North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. North America is expected to lead the Global freewheel market because of the number of growing companies in automobiles are increasing in this region. Europe is also showing a decent and steady market growth for this market because of growing automobile industry in this region which is followed by Asia Pacific. Middle East and Africa have a lowest market share because of less demand for automobiles.

Global Freewheel Clutch Market– Key Players

ZF Friedrichshafen
C.C. Co. Ltd
Exedy Corporation
Eaton Corporation PLC
Clutch Auto Limited
Borgwarner Inc
Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd.
Torotrak, Fiat
Magneti Marelli
Stieber Clutch
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