Webdango Offers Their Customers a Completely Free WordPress Site


Odessa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Webdango online company offers a great opportunity to their customers that sign up for HostGator through the partnership link provided by webdango.com. The company will install and configure a free WordPress site for their customers, whether it is a business or individual.

Webdango is an experienced web design company that offers their clients a free website installation and configuration in 3 days after their sign up. The company will deal with all technical details, so the customer can be rest assured that no specific knowledge or maintenance is required from their side. All this work is completely free, so the Webdango customers can take full advantage of it.

The reason why Webdango company does that for their clients is that their hosting partner, HostGator, pays them a referral fee of $50 for every person that signs up for their site if he is sent by webdango.com. The fee they get covers the expenses made for configuration and installation of the new website, so everyone who signs up for the HostGator, gets a free web site.

Along with the free web site creation, the customer will get an install of the convenient and beneficial site program WordPress and a full control over the new site. This means that the clients can add any kind of content they want: pictures, posts, videos, advertisement and more pages when necessary. This site becomes the property of the Webdango’s client, so he or she being its new owner will decide how to use this website and what it will be about.

Some ideas might be:
- A personal website that promotes personal skills
- A promotional website that advertises customer’s business
- An affiliate site that promotes different products or services and brings the owner a profit from each sale
- A website that promotes own products produced by the site owner, etc.

The options are limitless, so the customers may form the website just the way they like and fill them with a related content. Those, who have no prior experience of working with WordPress, can take advantage of the step-by-step guide Getting Started with WordPress provided by the company.

The new website will be completed within the next 3 business days following the date of the order.

This new website is going to be the most recent WordPress version. The free WordPress site will be configured with SEO- friendly URLs, so that it will be easily found and indexed by the search engines. The Webdango experts will create an administrator account, will prevent any spam and will enter the description and title to the site, so that the client does not have to do that himself.

The site will be ready and the customer will be able to post his content on it right away.
All, who are interested in getting a free WordPress site from Webdango, can visit their site at http://webdango.com for more information.

About Webdango.com
Webdango.com is a reliable website that offers a free web site to their customers as a result of their partnership with HostGator.