Offers Exclusive 20% Discount on Highest Rated Wise Emergency Foods


Bismarck, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing the best emergency foods available in the industry, is currently giving an exclusive discount of 20% on all of its products which comprise of merchandise by the Wise Company. Wise is the highest rated emergency foods provider in the U.S. and its products are easy to make, affordable, delicious, nutritious and very long lasting having 25 years of shelf life.

Wise storage foods have been featured in many popular TV shows such as Doomsday Preppers of National Geographic Channel, Marie Talk Show of The Hallmark Channel, Good Things Utah of abc4 and many more. Wise storage foods are not only suitable for emergency purposes but can also be used when going on a camping or hiking trip. Many people who want instant food are even using Wise storage foods while at home. The main reasons for its increasing popularity are the exquisite taste and the affordability, as it is one of the cheapest comfort storage foods available in the industry.

The website,, is offering all Wise products which are available in 7 day to yearly food kits. Kits of fruits, vegetables, gourmet snacks & sauces, freeze dried meats are also available in different servings. Another product offered on the website is the special Survival Kit which comes with 2 weeks supply of food, water filtration bottle, first aid kit, flashlight, body warmers and any other essential requirements in case of an emergency.

To apply for free samples and view specific details of the extensive range of Wise products, visit their website here.

The ‘Mylar’ packaging enables the food to maintain its nutrition and taste for over 25 years of shelf life which also makes Wise storage foods as one of the longest lasting products. The emergency foods require addition of water only and they are ready to eat. Even though boiling water is the best to be used, however filtrated water at any temperature is the only requirement to make the meal ready, another rare and beneficial aspect that Wise Company has added to all their storage foods.

About is one of the leading online retailers of emergency meal packages. The website is offering the product line from Wise Company, the highest rated emergency food provider in the U.S. The products of Wise have been featured in many popular TV shows and stations including National Geographic Channel, Fox News, ABC, the Weather Channel, History channel. Through the online platform,, the various Wise products can be viewed and ordered online. Wise has gained immense recognition for its ease of use, delicious taste, affordability and 25 years of shelf life.

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