French Duo Comes Up with "Objective Music" to Promote and Develop Music in Canada

With the help of sponsors and donors, David and Exhalte look to set up a Music and Film center – Objective Music - in Canada, inspiring others to follow their passion.


Pointe a Pitre, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- Some people take up music to make a livelihood out of it, some for the beauty in it. Very few people dream of spending a life promoting the art of music, thus living with it, and not on it, as their passion. David, a Frenchman and his partner Exhalte wish to do what not others can think of doing - Promoting music internationally. Objective Music is what they call their passion project, which the duo wishes to set up in Canada.

The foundation of the project lies in purchasing land in the country and building a large, pre-fabricated premise. The plot would then be divided into several sectors, they being –

- Accommodation Area
- Music Studio
- 2 large Workrooms.

The entire premise would be powered by electricity from Solar Energy. In a bid to make it environment-protective and pocket-friendly, the duo has planned Rainwater collection as the main source of water. Objective Music is now looking for Container construction companies who can help them out to materialize their green plans. The requirement includes an eco-friendly large rainwater collection system which is capable of producing energy as well, to run the building. A tough task indeed, but an optimistic Exhalte says – “Everything is possible for him who believes”

Objective Music requires $750,000 to start off with, full-scale. The search for donors and sponsors is on, as the duo wish to put into their action their musical plans. People interested in Canadian music could also contact David or Exhalte on For people wishing to contribute by donating or sponsoring, the link is - Objective Music promises to gift the donors or sponsors, in the form of Music videos, Singles, Photographs and Videos from Canada and other surprises, depending on the amount promised or paid.

About David and Exhalte
David and Exhalte are both music lovers and are passionate about it. David started off as a pianist at the age of 18. He plays a couple of more instruments as well. He is a member of 2 music groups and has performed in numerous events, concerts and festivals, organizing them or playing in them.

Exhalte, on the other hand, is a vocalist and sings as a lead singer. She started off at the age of 16, and since then, she has been a part of 3 bands. She has taken to Gospel singing, and like David, has been a performer in many events.

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