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Fresh New Site Takes the Greek Online Games Market by Storm


Paphos, Cyprus -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2012 -- One of the greatest gifts the internet as delivered to users across the globe is the potential for entertainment. Gaming, once a comparably small industry prior to the advent of fast online technology has since exploded, giving enthusiasts everywhere the ability to play a whole variety of games to their hearts content.

Now, the online gaming sector is so advanced the difficulty comes not in finding somewhere to play, but in digging through the huge multitude of content available online and finding the absolute best individual games. The internet is so overloaded with content of varying quality that finding a site with enjoyable, well-made games available can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But as a new site launches with bold ambitions, perhaps that’s all starting to change.

5 Paixnidia is a groundbreaking new flash gaming compilation which has been created by Greek gaming fanatics for Greek gaming fanatics. Gone is the time wasted trawling the internet desperately seeking quality flash games; the expert team behind 5Paixnidia.gr have compiled only the best, most entertaining offerings across a huge variety of categories. Whether it’s shoot-em-ups, sports, arcade-style games or many more, everyone is catered to by the wide selection available at 5Paixnidia.gr.

The concept behind the newly-launched site is simple; not only does it carry perhaps the most impressive selection of flash games available online, 5 Paixnidia regularly features the five most popular online games on the internet at any given time. In this way, gamers across Greece don’t have to visit anywhere else to make sure they’re playing the latest and greatest flash games available anywhere.

Already a hit with thousands of Greek gamers, 5 Paixnidia is also creating an active community around the exciting pastime of gaming. Not only can users access free flash games on the site, they can also register, share their thoughts, make friends and socialize, all within the comfortable environment the 5Paixnidia.gr team have created within the site. As they share their hints, tips and opinions on various games amongst each other, a warm community is developing amongst Greek gamers everywhere, thanks to 5Paixnidia.gr.

It can be little surprise to many that it is from Greece that the pioneers of online gaming would emerge, as many hundreds of years ago they pioneered an entirely different format of games. Hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe now have access to the largest and highest quality compilation of online flash games anywhere. Uniquely, at the same time they’re able to take part in one of the most exciting Greek gaming communities established to date, all thanks to 5Paixnidia.gr.

About 5 Paixnidia
5 Paixnidia (5 Games) is a freshly-launched Greek online gaming venture with the bold ambition to become the undisputed leader within the Greek gaming space. Living up to it’s name, 5Paixnidia.gr regularly updates to feature the five most popular flash games on the internet, meaning users can be assured they’ve got access to the most cutting-edge content available, along with a huge range of flash games in every genre. Users are encouraged to register, share their thoughts and create a community they can interact with and enjoy.

For more information visit http://www.5paixnidia.gr