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Fresh Premises Launches New Service to Connect Clients with Cleaning Services

New service will make it much easier for clients to find cleaning companies that can meet unique needs, reports Fresh Premises


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- The most obvious aspect of commercial cleaning is how an area looks after the service has done its job, and if any visible dirt is left behind, everyone will soon spot it. This, however, is actually just one part of what is involved when cleaning is performed. What cleansers are used, whether germs are a factor, and other such things are also important. More and more, customers are choosing cleaning services that focus on more than appearances. Fresh Premises has announced a new service to connect prospective clients with cleaning companies that can meet these additional needs. It has also announced the launch of a new site,, to make it easy to access its service.

"One emerging trend is a preference for green cleaning," said Dominic of Fresh Premises. "Green cleaning is centered on the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products and other practices that reduce the level of irritants left behind. Traditional cleaning chemicals are, for many people, harsh and irritating. People are finding out that the green versions aren't just better for the environment, but for humans as well."

Traditional cleaning chemicals were developed with a strict focus on how clean they made surfaces look or how well they provided disinfection. This resulted in products that are very harsh and sometimes even corrosive. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time being around their residues. This has led to a demand for green cleaning even outside of environmentalist circles.

"An older trend puts a strong focus on eliminating germs. In these cases, surfaces aren't considered clean just because they sparkle. Instead, an area is only clean once the germs there have been eliminated or significantly reduced. While the goal usually isn't full sterility, it is still much more stringent than would otherwise be the case." Dominic said.

The reason that offices that have nothing to do with the medical profession are putting such a focus on germs is simple: Doing so lowers the rate of sickness and absenteeism. Disinfecting office surfaces cuts the amount of germs that persist from day to day.

"At Fresh Premises, we know that clients all have different cleaning needs. Some want to focus on reducing germs, some are interested in green cleaning companies, and there are still some who are satisfied if their areas simply look sanitary and tidy. Therefore, we recommend that people looking for cleaning services don't just set up contracts based on price. Price is an important factor, but the ability to deliver the specific service that's being sought is also crucial. For these reasons, we always ask about a customer's needs when they contact us through our site at This allows us to match them with the perfect cleaning service for their needs."

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Fresh Premises is a company that connects commercial operations with cleaning operations that can serve all of their needs. They understand that every cleaning job is a bit different, so make sure to learn about specific requirements before making a recommendation.