Fredric Abramson

Fresh Start Science Launches the Reagan Documentary Project

How did Ronald Reagan interact with people on a personal level? This documentary will tell the story of Reagan's friendly and open interactions with ordinary people. It will show the kind of person President Reagan was if he sat down next to someone on the bus.


Gaithersburg, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- An international team is creating a special documentary about Ronald Reagan. The documentary will feature stories of how Reagan interacted with people he encountered throughout his life. The documentary will focus on Reagan’s human, personal side. It will highlight events that happen behind the scene that only the participants know about. It will provide an intimate portrait of Reagan, the man.

The purpose of the documentary is to raise money for non-profits that have innovative, community-centered programs that help single mothers escape the poverty trap. Fresh Start Science, a 501(c)(3) (, is the lead organization. Other non-profits will be joined. Fresh Start Science’s mission is to help poverty level single mothers develop the self-esteem and motivation to get solid job and parenting skills that bring her and her children into the economic mainstream and that make her a solid parent.

Why Ronald Reagan? Because Reagan was the first President to acknowledge the immense challenges single mothers and fathers face. He proclaimed March 21, 1984 as National Single Parent Day. He called on communities to step up and help single parents achieve two goals:
- Be a good parent and role model,
- Achieve economic independence and success.

Those with an interesting personal interaction with Ronald Reagan can submit their story for possible inclusion in the film. More information is available at