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Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser Announces Brown Spot Laser Removal Services in Boston


Wakefield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is pleased to announce that they are now offering brown spot laser removal services to customers throughout the Boston area. The most commonly treated conditions for brown spot removal in Boston include pigmented lesions such as age spots, liver spots, sun spots, Café au lait birthmarks and freckles. Depending on the type of legion, treatment may vary from patient to patient. Factors of which type of treatment a patient receives includes the color of the patient’s skin, size of the affected area, and how far beneath the surface of the patient’s skin the pigment extends.

To remove brown spots, the Boston skin care treatment center uses specially filtered bands of light that targets the melanin in the brown pigmented lesions. The light converts into heat, which destroys the lesion, clearing up the skin within a matter of weeks. Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser ensures customers that laser therapy is a safe and effective way to have brown spots removed from the skin. Over the years, laser therapy has become safer than ever, with skin care treatment centers now being able to perform laser therapy to the skin on a patient’s face.

Patients typically only need one treatment for brown spot removal laser therapy; however, if the pigmented lesion covers a significantly large area of the body, several treatments may be necessary to avoid unnecessary discomfort. In terms of post-treatment care, patients are allowed to take a shower on the day after treatment. Scrubbing the treated area should be avoided for a week or two, so it has time to properly heal. While healing, patients should avoid staying out in the sun too long, and be sure to apply sunscreen to protect the treated area.

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