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Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser Announces Tattoo Removal Services in Boston This January


Wakefield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- As the calendar has changed to a New Year, many individuals are implementing their New Year’s resolutions. Everybody has made decisions that they regret, and body ink can be a mistake that lasts a lifetime. As life changes, it can be difficult to escape the past with a tattoo present on the body. To help their clients move on with their lives, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is pleased to announce they are offering tattoo removal services in Boston this January.

By utilizing their high performance pulsed light Alex TriVantage laser, every color of ink on the unwanted tattoo will effectively be targeted and removed. When needing a tattoo removal in Boston, this technological advancement will allow patients to remove their tattoo without seeing pigment changes to the previously tattooed area. It will take multiple treatments with Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser for the tattoo to completely disappear, but the end result is permanent. As a prominent tattoo removal company, the treatment is cost-effective and won’t cause skin damage. The process is safe for those with the most sensitive skin.

This January, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is partnering with the non-profit organization Amirah, Inc. to provide victims of the sex trade industry with free tattoo removals. Often, these individuals are marked without their consent, and this form of branding serves as a horrifying reminder of the past. Amirah, Inc. strives to provide emotional and physical care to those who have survived exploitation in the Boston area.

The professionals offer a free consultation for tattoo removal to interested customers. Other services performed by Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser include Botox, micro-needling, spider vein treatment, and facials in Boston. To hear more about their safe tattoo removal services, or to inquire about their partnership with Amirah, Inc., please call 781-680-5304 today.

About Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser
Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser is a tattoo removal company that specializes in providing people effective, safe and affordable tattoo removals and fades. The company is able to stay at the top of the industry by utilizing the most powerful laser technology that will clear all ink colors while being gentle on the skin. Clients of Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser come from many areas on the great northeast including Boston, Cambridge, Framingham, and Waltham. Potential clients can feel free to call 781-321-0200 and set up a free consultation. Whether people are looking for a tattoo removal or cover-up, Fresh Start Skin Care & Laser will take care of every need.

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