Fresh'n Life

Fresh'n Life Inspires with a Fresh New Website

Fresh’n Life is excited to announce its redesigned website, focusing on ease-of-use to parallel the simplicity and effectiveness of TekQuest Industries’ Fresh’n Life line of products.


Sanford, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- From fresh coffee to fresh fruits, freshness makes everything better. And Fresh'n Life is no stranger to this concept; they have even refreshed their entire website. Now their products are beautifully displayed allowing users to keep everything fresh with a glance. The Fresh'n Life brand is able to keeping the entire household pristine with products such as the Fresh'n Brew 2, the Fresh'n Crisp, the Fresh'n Fridge, and the Fresh'n Purr. These innovative products truly do it all from a bolder cup of morning coffee to a cleaner family fridge.

Perhaps Fresh'n Life's greatest innovation is a commitment to simplicity. This value is easily reflected between the website and the products. For example the Fresh'n Crisp is able to increase the longevity of produce by simply being in the same fridge. All the client has to do is place the pod in the fridge and the process is complete. The palm-sized device will work independently to control deteriorating gasses, preventing the rotting of both fruits and vegetables. The website itself is equally powerful. Users only need to select their freshness issue and Fresh'n Life swiftly provides a solution. Aside from simplicity stands a dedication to the client. Fresh'n Life only produces high-quality prices at fair prices, a trait augmented by the infrequency of which a refill is needed. Both the Fresh'n Brew 2 serves 90 cups, the Fresh'n Crisp and the Fresh'n Fridge last 90 days, and the Fresh'n Purr cleanses 20 litter boxes, saving clients from endless trips to the supermarket. These values of innovation, simplicity, and commitment come together to form TekQuest Industries' outstanding brand: Fresh'n Life.

About TekQuest Industries
TekQuest Industries was started in 1971 with the goal of creating true American innovation with top-of-the-line products. To this day their goals have stood unwavering and the inventiveness of Fresh'n Life is just one example. The staff at TekQuest aims to continue inventing for the consumer, forever improving the lifestyle of the American home.

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