Friends of Heather Tassone Facebook Member Learns of Hospitals' New Approach to Mealtimes


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- Rex Hospital in North Carolina recently announced that it would be tossing out its fryers and the ready-made, processed food which it has been serving its patients. Acquaintances of Heather Tassone Pittsburgh learned that it will now be adopting a 'room service' approach, which will allow patients to order food at any time of the day, from a large menu which features fresh, healthy foods. Patients can choose from traditional fare like eggs and cereal, or more adventurous dishes like Thai curries and Mexican cuisine. Many other hospitals are now following suit, with some even setting up their own vegetable gardens, and bring in farmers from the local area to sell their produce in the hospital hallways.

Administrators at Rex Hospital have explained that they have decided to focus on providing high quality food, due to the fact that the amount which Medicare pays them is now dependent on the patient satisfaction scores they get. Whilst colleagues of Heather Tassone ultrasound supervisor read that the surveys which Medicare asks patients to fill in do not ask directly about the meals which they have eaten, Rex's director of food and nutrition, Jim McGrody, says that good food service improves a person's overall experience of being in hospital. The figures support Jim's theory, with 84% of all patients at Rex Hospital now recommending it. The vice president of operations, Chad Lefteris, echoed Jim's thoughts, stating that he was certain that the improvements in food quality had helped to raise the patient satisfaction scores.

Other hospitals are now hoping to do the same; friends of Heather Tassone Facebook member heard that a number of the top food management companies in the USA are now being inundated with calls from hospitals eager to boost their satisfaction scores by providing better meals. The CEO of a food management company in Boston, Richard Schenkel, explained that health care reform is forcing a lot of hospitals to change the way they operate, and take a look at every aspect of the service that they provide, including food. In addition to making the patient's happier, connections of Heather Tassone LinkedIn member point out that this new room service style approach is far more economical, and will enable hospitals to save thousands of dollars every year. Better quality food is also likely to boost business for all of the hospitals' on site cafeterias, and will improve hospital's reputations, thus attracting more patients.

A number of hospitals around the country are going to great lengths to provide their patients with high quality meals, whenever they want them. It is believed that this is helping to raise patient satisfaction levels, which boosts hospitals' Medicare scores.

Lucy Gumbarish