Friends of Heather Tassone Pittsburgh Read of Donations Made to Levine Children's Hospital


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- Levine Children's Hospital is a 234 bed, 12 storey facility which is located on the Carolinas Medical Centre campus. It was opened six years ago and since then has grown tremendously; today, it has more than thirty paediatric specialities, and has won a number of accolades. Colleagues of Heather Tassone Pittsburgh learned that during the last week or so, this facility received two generous donations - one from a toymaker, and another from the football player Greg Olsen.

Connections of Heather Tassone LinkedIn user read that Schleich Inc., the German toy manufacturer, whose American distribution centre and headquarters are located in north Charlotte, made a donation in the form of several hundred toys, to Levine Children's hospital. The company produces collectibles and soft plastic figurines such as elves, giraffes, elephants and horses, and is one of Germany's largest toymakers, selling its products in over fifty different countries. Schleich's vice president, Don Rothwell, stated that it was hugely rewarding to know that their toys would bring smiles to the faces of children staying at the hospital, and provide them with a distraction from their medical conditions. Followers of Heather Tassone Twitter member were impressed when they heard Rothwell say that Schleich is hoping to establish a partnership with this particular hospital, which will involve further donations of toys, as well as volunteer work carried out by its staff members, of which there are sixty in total.

In addition to Schleich's donation, the hospital also received $289,000 from Greg Olsen, who plays for the football team, the Carolina Panthers. This money is to go towards the paediatric cardiac program, which provides children who have serious heart problems with at home support, following their discharge from the hospital. Entitled the 'Heart-est Yard Fund', the program offers speech and physical therapy, as well as private nursing care, so as to improve post-operative mortality rates in infants who have undergone heart surgeries.

Heather Tassone emergency physicians colleagues read that Olsen chose to donate to this particular program due the fact that his own son, named TJ, was born with a heart defect called hypo-plastic syndrome. The infant's first life-saving surgery was performed at Levine Children's Hospital. Olsen explained that the at home care which he and his wife had during this time, made all the difference to the health of their son, and that he wanted to ensure that other parents in similar situations were offered the same level of support that his family had.

About Levine Children's Hospital
Levine Children's hospital has received two sizable donations in the last week. One of these was from a German toy manufacturer, and the other from the well known Carolina football player, Greg Olsen.

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