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Frisco Texas Author Hits Best Seller List with New Exercise Book for Seniors


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors has recently been featured in the best seller list on Amazon securing the 6th position on the Best Seller list in its category. The book has been written with seniors in mind, their health problems, weakening muscle strength and the depleting levels of energy many people face in their mature years. By following the various at home exercises shared in this book many seniors have already seen an improvement in their overall health and energy, this is why the book A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors has seen surge of popularity, an increase in the number of recent purchases has earned it a place as the 6th best seller book list on Amazon in the exercise; health, fitness and dieting for aging customers category. A satisfied customer “Tarot Card Deck” shared a review on

“Book is simple, easily understood, and has some sound yet effective exercises for me as, yes, a senior. 83 and still enjoy exercising. Thanks for writing this book!”

The book is available on Amazon:

The book is suitable for both men and women of mature age. Regular exercise is important for people for all ages, it is necessary for maintaining a healthy life style and a strong body, nowadays more and more seniors wish to lead healthy and energetic lifestyles and are concerned about their health and fitness as much as any younger person. A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors is a book written specially for such aging people, the exercise in the book can be done at home and require no special equipment. By following the exercises given in the book seniors are able to train all the major muscle groups of the body because the book contains some very effective, scientifically based exercise techniques and combines them into a workout routine, which can be performed at home, or in an assisted living facility proving to be one of the most effective exercise books for the aging as it condenses certain revolutionary training principles into a book, for seniors and aging individuals and allows them to use these exercise methods in the privacy of their own home. The book can also be purchased and shipped directly from its main website:

About Kevin Saint Clair
The author of A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors, Kevin Saint Clair is a strength specialist in Frisco Texas. This is his first book. Kevin enjoys helping these people reach their goals and improve their levels of fitness, through exercise and brief, safe, evidence-based strength training.

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