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Frivler Launches to Offer the Very Best Online Flash Games to Players Around the World

Frivler has created a sister website to the monster gaming website that is friv.com only the best games from friv are selected and the site is updated daily with at least 6 new games.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- Flash online games have been shown to improve multitasking, hand eye coordination and situational awareness in regular players, and there are worse skills to hone during downtime than these. Many people on their breaks from work or to clear their heads seek out free to play online flash games to provide some relief and amusement, but finding the best games to play can take forever with so many to choose from. Frivler has been launched to provide a mixture of the very best friv games and also their own developed games so gamers will thoroughly enjoytheir time on frivlers gaming site.

The collection includes games for girls and boys, cooking games, dress up games, car games, educational games and new games as well as splitting their findings by new, top rated and most popular and by genre, including action and adventure, fantasy, puzzle games, platform games and more. Frivler adds the best and most played games from friv plus other top gaming websites as well as developing their own games.

Frivler curates its collection and takes their work seriously to ensure only the finest examples from each genre, play style and game type make the cut. Frivler.info adds the most played games from friv which is one of the most played gaming website online. All the games are then playable through a portal on the site itself rather than having to navigate to the game’s source, allowing users to easily switch and play multiple games at a single site.

A spokesperson for Frivler.info explained, Frivler has been created to provide gamers with an oasis in the desert of friv flash game sites, preventing them having to sift through the innumerable poorly made and badly executed games and allowing them instead to bask in the glory of classics new and old, across every conceivable play type and topic. They are still adding new games to their collections every day after rigorous testing by their games masters and site editors, ensuring only the best are chosen to make the coveted homepage of Frivler.

About Frivler
Frivler is a website dedicated to collating the very best online flash games from the premium providers of these games, curating the collections to ensure that only the best quality and most popular games are selected. All the games are playable from within the Frivler website so users can find and enjoy everything they love about flash gaming in a single location. For more information, please visit: http://www.frivler.info/