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Frizztips Tells Men and Women to Grow and Strengthen Hair


Forest Park, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Viviscal for men is being considered as an effective remedy to baldness in men. its capabilities to re grow hair is unmatched. Hair growth is promoted by Viviscal in a completely natural manner starting with the fact that it has no un-natural ingredients. As for its portfolio, it has been around since quiet a long time; 20 years to be precise. It has essential nutrients and vitamins that make the product entirely drug free.

Although more or less they are the same, still the Viviscal is marketed for men and women separately. Having said that, the company acknowledges the difference in biology between both genders. Where it focuses more on re growing of hair in case of men, it is entirely a different story in case of women. This product ensures the nourishment of women hair that is thin and very less dense. Men’s product is marketed with the name Viviscal Extra Strength because it also provides length and strength to hair.

Men’s product is Viviscal Man and the prime difference between this one and other one is that it contains 35% more Zinc. Not only does this product help in nourishing the hair thus making the hair denser but also ensures that the base or root of hair also gets nourished. DHT hormone is the major culprit in men when it comes to causing baldness. These products include Flaxseed in them that are considered as an excellent blocker of the above mentioned hormone.

As for the products, both for men and women, they come in the form of different items as shampoo, conditioner, serum and hair filler fibers. Manufacturers give credit to the vitamin content in the products for actually causing the re growth of hair. According to, these two products are also capable to nourish the existing hair in a way that causes no harm to them and strengthens them from tip to root. For all these reasons, Viviscal is considered as one of the most effective supplement for growth of hair.

About Frizz Tips
Frizz Tips tells about the benefits of the Viviscal for Men and of the women oriented version of the same product line, the Viviscal Extra Strength. Thick, healthy and natural texture having colors is what the main purpose is. Any hair product is only as good as the level of natural look that it gives to the eye. These products in this regard have off-the-chart progress.

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