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Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer Named the Perfect Baby Shower Gift for New Mothers


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2016 -- Customers looking for an exceptional baby shower gift have now named Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer by Warrant Guard as the best baby shower gift available. Whilst this is great news for the company, it has also been said by happy customers that this is not only a perfect baby shower gift, but a great gift for any mother of children under 5 years old.

Lynda Carter, spokesperson at Warrant Guard has just released more details of this news about the 'Froggy Tots' Baby Thermometer's development.

Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer is guaranteed to appeal as a baby shower gift from grandparents as well as other relatives and friends of new mothers because of the following points:

Light durable design – this was made part of the product, since it makes it easy to slip into a Mum's bag. Customers who buy Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer should enjoy this particular feature because it makes an ideal gift for the health conscious mother.

Compact design and packaging – Warrant Guard made sure to make this part of design of the baby thermometer making it easy to mail to far away family or friends. Customers will likely appreciate this because it lets you send a great value gift almost anywhere in the world.

Low price point – This feature was included because it lets the thermometer be available to as many people as possible. This is great news for the consumer as it improves the accessibility of 'at home' child health care.

Lynda Carter, when asked about Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer said:

"We at Warrant Guard have released this baby's thermometer as a great gift idea for baby showers. This product will give new mothers confidence to look after their new babies health from day one. The Froggy Tots Baby Thermometer is the perfect baby shower gift for parents with children under 5 years old".

This is Warrant Guard's first release of a thermometer product and Lynda Carter is particularly excited about this new product because it has been so well received since launch day by new mothers nationwide.

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Name: Lynda Carter
Company: Warrant Guard
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