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FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk Podcast Reaches 1 Million Combined Audio Plays and YouTube Views


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- It is no small feat in this day and age when an up and coming podcast personality reaches the coveted milestone of one million combined audio plays and YouTube views. Photographer, Jared Polin is no shrinking violet when it comes to making a name for himself online. His how to photograph podcasts have touched a number of people across the nation. Polin's brainchild, the FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk podcast, embodies the Midas touch by effectively blending entertainment and substance.

Whether as an avocation or serious professional pursuit, people have come to know RAWtalk as an engaging, user-friendly resource, second to none. Beginners who have recently invested in their first camera and are learning how to take photographs, as well as accomplished Photographers working on technical finesse all benefit from the useful information on RAWtalk.

Known as 'FRO' by his fans, Polin's passion for photography and propensity for fun has not disappointed listeners as evidenced by the one million combined RAWtalk podcast audio plays and RAWtalk YouTube views. The world of social media and digital information agrees with the philosophy that is the foundation for RAWtalk.

"My goal was to create a photography podcast that was different from any other currently available. I personally find the majority of the photography podcasts out there to be pretty boring. They either talk non stop about technology or they just don't keep my interest." Stated Polin.

It is obvious that the FRO has struck a resounding chord with an incredible amount of fellow Photographers who responded with overwhelming support for the spontaneity and expertise that is the essence of RAWtalk "What my followers love about RAWtalk is they never know what is going to happen next. Will I break out in song; will I start yelling at the top of my lungs just for fun? But the key to RAWtalk is the fact that it is not only fun but it's informative. I never hold back information; I have no secrets and nothing to hide. I think that's what draws the audience to come back week in and week out."

Sharing useful, current information and techniques for photography to enhance the pure enjoyment of photography boosted RAWtalk to the top of the photography podcast charts. Polin is serious about providing subscribers with the most current trends and tips regarding photography. This is evidenced by the priority he places on interviewing accomplished Photographers live on RAWtalk.

"Another goal with RAWtalk is to have interviews with Photographers face to face either around the FRO Poker Table or out on location. I find that other podcasts rely too heavily on using Skype or Google hangouts and the interviews lose something. When you are face to face interacting you act differently and it amounts to a much better interview." One million audio plays and YouTube views later who can argue with the FRO on that logic?

RAWtalk began as an audio podcast and has grown into a multimedia phenomenon. "RAWtalk has evolved from just an audio podcast to a multi-angle full on production. With over 215,000 YouTube subscribers it only made sense to share the podcasts with my following there." Polin has worked to ensure that interested subscribers have a variety of ways to access RAWtalk.

"Subscribers have a choice to listen to just the audio podcast, watch the full HD broadcast on YouTube or do both. When I polled my followers a large majority of them download the audio as well as watch the video which was great to hear."

The highly anticipated audio versions of each podcast are released on Mondays at midnight. Tuesday is the day when the full version of each original podcast is released in HD and available at Fans have come to rely on the fact that great content is available each week on RAWtalk. Those interested in a photography podcasts guaranteed to exceed expectations each week will enjoy the solid "infotainment" delivered by the FRO on RAWtalk.

Jared Polin
Fro Knows Photo
Philadelphia, PA