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From 18 Wheelers to Reading Palms: Trucker Turned Palmist, Claudia Burdette, Believes Life's Answers Truly Are in the Palm of Your Hand

While Claudia’s personal story sounds more like a fairy tale, her unique journey has already helped many to start over in their lives. She was once the driver of an eighteen-wheeler on the highways of North America, but a chance palm reading opened Burdette’s mind to the immense power of Palmistry and prompted a radical career switch. Through her online astrological palm reading service and popular blog, the ex-truck driver urges Americans to discover their life’s true direction.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Those meeting Claudia Burdette for the first time see a beautiful and slender twenty-something woman with the power to change their life. It’s hard to believe that Burdette was eighteen-wheeling across the country just two years ago.

“Although I was a truck driver for a living, of course I had other interests and I’d always been a little fascinated by astrology. It wasn’t until I met Vernon Mahabal, the director of Palmistry Institute, for a personal reading that I discovered just how life-changing it could be. This reading empowered me to stop letting my problems direct my life; it was time to create a new direction through my passions. Ironically, I became captivated by palm reading and eventually quit my trucking job to do it full-time,” says Claudia, who also trained as a graphic designer.

Continuing, “My studies under Vernon, and coupled with my private study of universal laws and personal development, I am now reading hands with accuracy and competence. Having already empowered many, I am now calling on all Americans to consult a palm reader to discover what direction to take in their own lives. Many of us are creating a monster by living through our problems. However, there is an alternate path that can be discovered through self-awareness. My services are offered online, so it doesn’t matter where you’re located!”

Claudia’s clients have nothing but praise for her skills.

“I was first blown away at how Claudia was able to read my palms so quickly, and began telling me things about myself that some would associate with my astrological sign. Claudia is my go to person for personal insight. And just in time, I can’t wait to explore more of me,” says Darren Anthony Boone.

Erota H. was equally as impressed, adding, “I felt as if I was watching a movie about me. She described me perfectly. I recommend getting your hands read now.”

Burdette also shares her insights through a popular blog. Aptly titled ‘I Mega Happy’, the growing resource covers a myriad of topics relating to Palmistry, astrology and personal development.

“Many of my frequent clients find that the blog perfectly complements their online palm readings. While my readings are highly personal, the broader nature of the blog provides a wealth of background information to my methods. It’s quite amazing,” Claudia adds.

With an online palm reading costing less than $80 and with full instructions to guide new clients, there’s no reason not to contact Burdette for a life-changing analysis.

For more information, visit: http://www.imegahappy.com

About: Claudia
Claudia is a palm reader who works with people from all walks of life, both young and old.

She feels that palm reading is both a science and an art. It is an avenue towards empowerment. Claudia enjoys reading hands for people throughout Southern California, as well as around the globe.