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From Christian Meditations to Children's Education - Author Katherine Tapley-Milton Boasts Eclectic & Powerful Bibliography

Tapley-Milton’s titles to date include a critique of the modern mental health system, a year’s worth of Christian meditations, a photo-book of ships and two moralistic children’s books. She may be nestled away in Atlantic Canada, but Katherine Tapley-Milton is a literary force to be reckoned with!


Sackville, New Brunswick -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Sackville, New Brunswick – While many authors are diverse within their narratives, most limit their success by pigeon-holing their market. However, with books spanning a wide range of topics in both fiction and non-fiction, Katherine Tapley-Milton is as diverse as any writer can get.

To date, the author is seeing huge success among her five published titles:

Mind Full of Scorpions - This is a story about struggling with serious mental illness and abuse by the mental health care system. It a tale about a horrifying descent into madness and the journey back. The people who will want to read this memoir are those working in mental health, those afflicted with schizophrenia or bipolar illness, and those who have no idea of how deep the suffering of mental illness can be.

Devotions with Your Cat - This book has 365 spiritual lessons -- one for each day of the year. You can read these devotions curled up with your cat or favorite pet. "Devotions with Your Cat" tackles subjects seldom mentioned such as suicide, the unpardonable sin, prolonged suffering, and of course cats!

Old Boats and Old Quotes - A picture book showing beautiful Maritime scenes like beaches and ships. It has pithy sayings to go with it by my father who was a Maritimer. The book is meant to inspire Maritime pride and to give tourists a taste for the local beauty that surrounds Maritimes.

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Cat - Sir Lancelot the cat is a feline hero who finally finds a forever home, gets lost, enjoys Christmas, and gets jealous. To his owner, Kathy, Lancelot is a hero whose orange paw reached out of a cage and chose her as his owner. But will Lancelot accept Kathy's boyfriend Dave?

The Three Mouse-Breath-Kateers - A fun book that has a mystery. Will the cats eat the mouse that came out from under the fridge or will they just stare at it. It has a surprise ending.

As the author explains, writing has long been her deepest passion.

“I’ve been writing for almost four decades and have had my work published in hundreds of periodicals. My work spans both my professional knowledge, devotion to faith and also some fun children’s books thrown into the mix to help young people develop good character,” says Tapley-Milton.

Continuing, “I was also deeply inspired by my father, a true Maritimer who served as the inspiration behind Old Boats and Old Quotes.”

By announcing her work to the media, Tapley-Milton hopes to expand her dedicated readership.

“There’s something in my bibliography for everyone; whatever their age or belief. I invite readers to explore all of the titles – each one is guaranteed to give you something to think about!” she adds.

The author’s entire range of books can be purchased through Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fmLY4L.

More information can be found on social media:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/katherine.tapleymilton
Twitter - https://twitter.com/kalamitycat

About the Author: Katherine Tapley-Milton
Katherine Tapley-Milton lives with her husband, Dave, and five cats in Atlantic Canada. She graduated from Mount Allison University with a B.A. in the areas of psychology, sociology, and history and has a two year Master of Theological Studies degree from Tyndale Seminary in Willowdale, Ontario.

Katherine has been a freelance writer for the last 35 years and has been published in hundreds of periodicals. Her books "Mind Full of Scorpions"; "Devotions With Your Cat"; and "The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Cat" are sold on Amazon and West Bow Publishers. Her hobbies include cooking, organic gardening, writing, reading historical romances, doing crafts, and hanging out with her cats.