From Family to Crew - the First Twelve Months of Owning a Nordhavn 62 - "M/Y PENDANA"


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- “From Family to Crew” is a book written by passionate Nordhavn owner James Ellingford about the trials and tribulations of the first twelve months of ownership of Pendana N6220. James takes the reader on a journey during the first year of owning what is a truly remarkable vessel. He also discusses in some detail common mistakes made, some not so common mistakes made and some hilarious errors that most new and old owners alike will make from time to time. This book is a tremendous reference for all owners of any boat and in particular is a great scribe for any dreamer out there intending one day to own and operate one of these incredible little ships!

“From Family to Crew” is a brutally honest appraisal of taking a family with zero (large) boat experience and watching them turn in to crew over a twelve month period. The book discusses all the trips and adventures, the preparation required to undertake these journeys, the mistakes and successes along the way, the maintenance required and how it is managed aboard the good ship Pendana and the actual cost of ownership during the twelve month period in question. If you have ever wanted to know what it actually all costs to maintain and operate one of these ocean crossing vessels, then now is your chance.

“From Family to Crew” is not so much a book but rather a goliath manuscript more similar in size to the US Constitution. Included in the book are over 150 full colour high resolution photographs and diagrams to enable the reader to join in with the journey as if you were actually there.

This book is a real treat for one’s senses, a pictorial feast for one’s eyes, a great reference tool for one’s library and a must have for all those who love Nordhavns and boating in general. With the books foreward written by Mr. Ken Williams, Nordhavn guru and expert mariner ( one quickly gets the sense of the quality that is held within the some 310+ pages of text.

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About James Ellingford
Retired at age 42, James Ellingford was a former head of a billion dollar business based in Geneva, Switzerland. He holds a postgraduate degree in corporate management, a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in management. Currently, he lives in Sydney, Australia.

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