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The Ramsay Home Project is proud to announce that their website has undergone some major construction work and a whole variety of new features have been added to the site.


Calgary, Alberta -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- The Ramsay Home Project was once considered a private blog. On their launch, they posted about their own experiences with building and decorating their new home. The new family was passionate about building using an eco-friendly approach, and had great success in posting their own stories for their readers. However, they have decided to take a plunge and turn their website into a global community for home building enthusiasts around the world. Their first step was to completely redesign and re haul the website. In doing so, the site has now benefited from a wide array of new features being added. Apart from delivering the latest news, The Ramsay Home Project now also actively engages and focuses on the home building community.

Part of their website incorporates the ability to let experts within the industry have their say. Through redesigning the website, they have added features which allows home building experts to post guest blogs and promote themselves as an expert within the industry. Providing that the content provided is relevant and appealing to the website's readers, all content is welcome.

To date, hundreds of guest bloggers have joined in with The Ramsay Home Project community and have been blogging away on a whole host of varied subjects. From anything and everything to do with home renovation, home building, interior decorating to even waste recycling, the Ramsay Home Project has it all covered. Part of their recent success can be attributed to the fact that the blog is dedicated to providing an active and engaging community for all home owners to come into and share their experiences or stories.

What once started as a place to share stories and experiences, still is a place which strives to engage the community to promote their own stories. To learn more about why The Ramsay Home Project is gaining in popularity, and to see the community which they have built, head over to their blog found at:

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What once started off as a personal blog, The Ramsay Home Project has now turned into a global community of avid home building, decorating and design enthusiasts.