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Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2018 -- GCLA wants its customer base in California to know that they are a one-stop-shop for all things construction. They are offering all types of construction works including home remodels, renovation of commercial spaces and public works, all under one roof. As part of their objective, GCLA promises to handle home remodeling project with great experience and expertise. GCLA is also promising to deliver excellent commercial renovations and public works in conjunction with their large network of licensed contractors and builders.

"At GCLA, we pride ourselves in our customer's satisfaction derived from excellent delivery of the work at hand," said the CEO. "We cater to both residential and commercial customers with the same attention to detail in all projects. At GCLA, we work under the premise that no project is too small or too complicated for us. From room additions in residential homes to commercial electrical layouts and building remodels, our team of experts handle each project with undivided attention. Moreover, we have been handling public works for the city of LA for thirty years now. We therefore have a sense of what our customers need and desire".

As explained further by the CEO, at GCLA the team of contractors, builders, electricians and other experts take time to go over the client's plans and work with them closely to deliver the correct results all the time. Additionally, they ensure that they stick to a strict timeline and stay within the client's budget. If a client needs extra help such as choosing paint colors and the right materials, the team of experts assigned to each project is happy to help.

With construction becoming such a huge industry, it is always good to see firms that are all-rounded and capable of handling multiple tasks. GCLA is positioning itself to be such a firm, much to the benefit of property owners and prospective property owners in the region. With their ability to handle such a wide range of construction jobs, clients will not need to hire different providers for any work they need done on their spaces. This saves money, time, and the hassle involved with sourcing good contractors.

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GCLA is a leading construction contractor in the Los Angeles area. Based in Santa Monica and with operations spanning all over the LA County, GCLA provides residential and commercial services such as room addition, remodeling, new construction, electrical works, and public works.

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