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From ProStores to Shopify: Road Toward Big Changes


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Due to ProStores discontinue Cart2Cart offers a new opportunities for migration. Now migration to Shopify can be performed with a full list of data, option of free Demo Migration and possibility to insure transfer.

ProStores discontinue caused the wave of confusion and disappointment. Since that time the users had time to calm down and think over about alternative that can meet the demands. One of the frequently chosen shopping carts is Shopify, well-known hosted platform with over 100 000 supported stores. Those who have never faced with this solution can have the next question: “Why is it worth opting for Shopify?”

Let’s consider four major benefits Shopify is ready to offer and the possibilities it provides.

1. As well as ProStores Shopify is a hosted platform. It means there is no need to sweat searching the provider among the hundreds of choices. Together with this point, cretion of Shopify store is easy breeze and takes just 2-3 minutes.

2. Not only building up the shop, but also management is easy as piece of cake. Even having no programming skills, merchants don’t have any difficulties during administering Shopify stores.However, such conclusion cannot be made for ProStores shops usability.

3. Design. Over 100 catchy templates are available to make the store attractive for clients making the best impression on them. There is a set of free themes as well as paid ones. So, choose which one suits the shop and enjoy its stylish look,

4. Support. Shopify provides a chance to get a hand of help around-the-clock. Moreover, there is a variety of useful guides, video tutorials, official forum. Shopify blog also includes diverse articles with helpful information.

Way to Turn of the Tide

Therefore, many online businessmen make a decision to migrate from ProStores to Shopify , and a great part of them selects Cart2Cart that is automated service.

The service allows to move all database, including such list of items:

- Products, product images, product variants;
- Categories, category images;
- Customers, customer billing address;
- Orders, order statuses, order products;
- Manufacturers.

Demo Migration: Trust But Check Is a Must

In addition to all major opportunities there is a chance to try how service functions with the help of Demo Migration. It is a unique opportunity to give a go transferring up to ten items. Test switch appears to be costless and takes less than half an hour. Therefore, it is an option to make sure that result is worth the money.

Migrate with Insurance

Web store owners have an opportunity to insure their migration and restart their switch just with a few clicks. No one doubts that that there are many reasons that can have a negative influence on the results of switch. For example, bugs after improper installation, third-party add-ons modifications, etc. So, to avoid avoid the issues of unexpected circumstances choose one if Migration Insurance plans.

About Cart2Cart
Cart2Cart is a service for an automated switch from one shopping cart to another taking only a few hours. There is no need to possess the programming skills as it is really easy-to-use. Since 2009 service has performed more than 11 000 successful migrations.

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