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From Shame to Infinite Worth: Raw & Empowering New Book Depicts Author's Journey from Lifelong Shame to the Loving Acceptance of God

Candidly written by Logan Musil, based on his compelling life story, ‘From Shame to Infinite Worth: Rescue from Shame's Prison’ reveals what happens when lifelong shame meets the loving acceptance of God. Taking an unflinching look at some of life’s toughest questions, Musil’s powerful personal testimony and insights are poised to help others with questions like, “Why am I never good enough?” Available as a free ebook, Musil is stopping at nothing to share the joy of being rescued from shame’s prison – for the arms of the God who calls Himself Savior and Father.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Like millions of others, Logan Musil suffered unbearable shame that took over his life for many years. He felt like a failure in the eyes of God, as if God were squinting at Him from heaven in constant disappointment. However, Musil was rescued from shame as he came to experience God as his loving and accepting Savior and Father. With a powerful story to tell, Musil has put his life on paper in the hope of sharing this joy with others.

Everything is exposed in ‘From Shame to Infinite Worth: Rescue from Shame's Prison’ – a transformative new book about healing and freedom from shame in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Why am I never good enough? Why am I never attractive enough? Why don’t porn, drugs and alcohol satisfy my deepest cravings? Why can’t I forgive myself? Why do I hate myself? Why do I feel ugly . . . stained . . . unlovable . . . worthless . . . empty?

Why is shame suffocating our family and friends? There are answers to these questions. Jesus hates our shame . . . He relentlessly pursues us . . . with priceless offerings of infinite worth: healing, freedom, forgiveness, acceptance, and honor.

He denied His tomb of shame . . . THAT WE MIGHT DO THE SAME.

“I can’t describe how different my life is right now; it’s truly hard to put into words,” says Musil, who founded Infinite Worth Ministries. “For so many years I was eternally distressed by the feeling that God was dissatisfied with me. I habitually replayed my worst moments over and over again, rehearsing my shame.”

Continuing, “However, in 2013, God used a very painful chapter in my life to rescue me by redirecting my attention from endless shame to His changeless character. Today, I experience Him as my heavenly Dad—who drank my shame on the cross, embraces me in complete forgiveness, faces my face, calls me by name, and delights in my presence in His family. It has been a dream come true to discovered that my story of shame and liberation in the amazing love and grace of Christ has helped others. I delight in sharing it with raw honesty.”

To date, the book has garnered rave reviews. One reader comments, “This was a great, quick read about the grace, love, and forgiveness God has made available for anyone who accepts Him and makes Him the Lord of their life. Thank you, Mr. Musil, for your transparency and honesty in conveying your personal story of deliverance from shame.”

Carmen Hartono adds, “This is an enthusiastic account of Logan's journey of first defining shame and then finding self-worth through Scripture. The author writes from his heart. The book is easy to follow. I read it in one sitting.”

‘From Shame to Infinite Worth: Rescue from Shame's Prison’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1jX1khB. For more information, visit: http://www.infinite-worth.com.

About Logan Musil
LOGAN MUSIL is the founder of Infinite Worth Ministries, a provider of encouragement to those seeking self-worth through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He and his wife Sarah have one daughter and live in Jacksonville, Florida.