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From Southern Gospel Music to Christian Fiction: International Recording Artist Releases Debut Novel


Brazoria, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Although she is already a successful graphic artist and a celebrated musician who travels across the USA with her husband who preaches God’s Word through gospel music, Christine Scott wasn’t content to rest on her laurels.

With the release of her first novel, ‘Apply Within’, Scott fulfills a long-held dream of helping others to read God’s Word and apply His teachings to the fabric of their lives in more meaningful ways.

“I’m told I’m a born teacher at heart!” says Scott, who often sits and prays with people she meets during her travels. “I have discovered over the last fifteen years of visiting various places across the US, that many people read the Bible, set it down and say, ‘that was a good story.’ It hurts my heart that they truly do not grasp the lessons that can be learned from the stories that unfold within the Bible.”

‘Apply Within’ is the story of Jenny Boyd, a woman who has lost both of her parents and lacks a role model in her own life. Searching for a better beginning for her daughter Caitlyn, Jenny accepts a co-worker’s invitation and visits church for the first time. A connection is made when Jenny sees herself and her experiences in the Pastor’s readings of the Bible, and begins her journey toward the ultimate education.


Jenny had always been told that bad things happen to good people and facing problems all alone was nothing new. After her parents die, she has no role model for being a wife and mother, at least not a good one. Her co-worker at Sal's Diner asks her to come to church and Jenny decides it couldn't hurt. She certainly wanted a better life for her daughter, Caitlyn. Having never read the Bible before, it feels amazing to feel like she was hearing her own life story as the Pastor read each Sunday about Ruth and Naomi struggling to survive. God helped them in so many unseen ways. "Would God help me?" Jenny wonders.

She finds the answer to that question and how God would use her situation, just like he did with Queen Esther, to fulfill His plan. Jenny ultimately discovers there is so much more to Bible study that just reading it and putting it aside. She experiences the joy of reading God's Word and applying in within her heart.

As Scott realizes from hearing from readers, ‘Apply Within’ is much more than just a novel.

“This story has helped women and men deal with feelings of depression, loss of a loved one, loss of a child, hopelessness, inadequacy, fear, lack of self-esteem – I could go on!” says the author. “I want to remind folks of the promises God has made to all people regardless of their marital status, position, race, color, or how far removed from God they feel they may have strayed.”

Continuing, “God promises to hear our cries of repentance and to answer our prayers when it fulfills His will. Each character in ‘Apply Within’ ultimately realizes it is never right to do wrong and never wrong to do right. I just hope that people will come away realizing they can trust God in all things because He works everything out for our good and His glory.”

Since its publication, ‘Apply Within’ has garnered glowing praise from readers who have been touched by the messages found within the pages.

“I finished this book - was truly a wonderful book - amazed at how she was able to keep all the different people's story going and entwined like they were and got a huge laugh out of her waitress lingo - she really had that down perfect! Her book is truly a blessing and just written so good -- hope she reaches many people with the hopes and promises our precious God gives us. Her book is so needed for the times going on in this world today! She has written a beautiful and truly uplifting book and I'm so proud and happy for her! Everyone that reads it will be blessed!” wrote Darlene from Alabama.

‘Apply Within’ is available now from the ‘Hearts of Grace’ website in both paperback and ebook formats (for iPad and Kindle): http://heartsofgracemusic.com/applywithin/

About Christine
Christine was voted Female Vocalist of the Year in 2009 and 2013 by the South Texas Gospel Music Association. She loves to play the piano and sing with her husband Floyd. Her memorable smile and warm heart are enjoyed whether she is singing or speaking at Women’s Conferences and various church events.