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From the Makers of Total-Apps, Twt2Pay Is the Next Step in Social Commerce

With Twt2Pay, users can make purchases for goods and services by using the hashtag #twt2pay to make a purchase.


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- From the e-commerce engineering expertise of Total Apps, comes the next evolution in the rising trend of social commerce. A new service that merges credit card processing and conversation—literally, Twt2Pay is a revolutionary new platform designed to deliver seamless and secure payment processing through the convenience of Social Media. With Twt2Pay, users can easily purchase goods and services or make donations simply by Tweeting a pair of unique hashtags. Once Tweeted, Twt2Pay will automatically process the payment through the user’s registered Credit Card information, sending a confirmation tweet back to the user upon completion.

Masterminded by Rey Pasinli, the California—based Executive Director for Total Apps, Twt2Pay is the next step in social commerce. It’s the one payment platform that allows for the user to never have to leave the conversation, open a new tab, or minimize their TweetDeck. Twt2Pay is a “HashTag it to Bag it” service that only takes two hashtags. As Rey Pasinli puts it, “Seamless integration within a second-by-second, real-time global conversation is a working explanation of social commerce… more importantly, we’ve developed the world’s first “no-click” checkout to optimize mobile and tablet-based purchases.”

Twt2Pay works to empower commerce for both traditional and non-traditional businesses as well as entrepreneurial and fund-raising endeavors. For entertainers and celebrities with special promotions for products and events, Twt2Pay provides convenience for fans and followers looking to make orders or reservations. The same applies for Musicians holding Pre-Sales or Pre-Orders for new albums or upcoming shows, deepening their connection to fans. Twt2Pay can also used by Sports Figures offering to sell memorabilia and/or book appearances. Twt2Pay is ideal for processing donations to charitable causes and political organizations as well, giving users an avenue to make contributions on-the-fly in a safe and secure manner. Twt2Pay is not only a cutting-edge payment processing service, but also a brand new way to measure the social media influence of businesses of many industries, services and sizes. Any consumer purchase can be retweeted and shared within their entire social media sphere.

The Rise of Social Commerce has created a demand for easier ways to place orders for goods and services online. Powered by MojoPay, another cutting-edge credit card processing service by Total Apps, Twt2Pay is that next step toward security, convenience, and efficiency. Commended for his works on collaborative efforts with government officials, prominent online marketing initiatives, and with major executives within a diverse range of industries, Total App’s Rey Pasinli brings innovative leadership designed to transform the way consumers and businesses communicate.

With an emphasis on security and making use of the most effective means of technology and, in this case, networking, Twt2Pay is a revolutionary resource for businesses looking to capitalize on their social media footprint.

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Founded by Rey Pasinli, the California-based Total-Apps is the advanced payment processing solution with services for credit card transactions, multiple account types, e-commerce engineering and 24/7 technical support. Lead by a group of distinguished professionals and technology experts, Total-Apps offers the convenience, reliability, security and flexibility (for mobile devices, online businesses and retail operations) that clients deserve and expect to receive.