Frompo Has Released Its New Web Crawler to Provide Automated Curated Search Results

Frompo has its web-crawler that is developed and designed on JAVA Platform for automated and organized search.


Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Usually search engine results are bombarded by ads and linked by SEO techniques due to which people barely found the real result they truly need; instead of that they are directed to a product or company. However there is some search engine that has created its way to truly modify regular internet search engine results so that it provides search results devoid of any ads and truly gets the actual results.

Frompo is just what user need when they want the right towards the way of supplying results to searches and get to see images, videos, and other information in a manner that one can see them instantly in its curated result unlike any other search engines.

When a user utilizes Frompo, it will gather the following data fields from user IP, browser user agent string (it is an automated information delivered to search engine by user browser so they may correctly format Frompo for browser and device type), time and date of one's log-in, any 3rd party websites that introduced user to search engine and social networking websites. When one browses a topic, they collect user search inquiries structured into sessions that last as much as four hours. If one select any site from his/her search result, they will gather click-tracking data, that is used-to pay them when they generate traffic to different websites and to simply help them improve their search engine – this data is not used by them for advertising purposes.

About Frompo
Frompo is an internet search-engine that helps internet surfers to acquire the contents or related queries they truly are searching for by giving curated search outcomes.

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