Frompo Is the New Breed of Search Engine Today

People can now experience a new kind of search result that was not possible with previous search engines and this makes searching online through huge amounts of information easier and quicker without wasting time.


Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Aarhus, Denmark .People are searching for more and more information where they can get the answer accurately and quicker. It is an annoying experience to click several websites showing only products nowhere any related to the one being searched for. This is because businesses online are pumping search engines with spam search results or irrelevant ones and some are even malicious information.

Frompo on the other hand, eliminates this sort of instance with their curated search engine results.

Internet search engines today produces many irrelevant information due to unprecedented information triggered only by keywords automatically. What people need is to make searching as convenient as possible because this is the top activity that people do online. Web search features didn’t improve much in the past decade.

Frompo allows users to see search results like images, video search, web files, and more in an organized manner where they can get the information they need when they need it without any malicious information getting in the way or irrelevant searches reaching the top search index.

The name of the search engine, Frompo, may be a bit funny, but it delivers a powerful search engine with great results where won’t have to fumble with false search results pretending to be relevant. A group of people come together in order to organize and manually curate search results where the outcome is an improved search experience for any user.

It is the only curated search engine result today and they have been operating for 4 years now. For further details one can visit the website :

About Frompo
Frompo is the newest search engine web site that provides a one of a kind curated search result. They are also a clean and green website where they support environmental organizations in protecting nature and lessening global warming impact. A certain portion of their revenue goes to helping the environment.

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