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Frompo comes forward in order to curate search engine results for the main purpose of enhancing the browsing experience for everybody


Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2014 -- Useful searches are very important to the online users as other search engines are flooded with SEO contents that do not offer those results that an individual is looking for. But since the arrival of Frompo, every video, images, audio files, movies, websites and much more are merely a click apart.

Presenting their curated search engine setup, Frompo search results are prearranged, simple to the eyes unlike wild outcomes of additional search engines like google. For those who don't understand what curated signifies, the curate is the most widely used in art displays plus it is a way to arrange the things in an order, where the user will find it simple to look at, create it limelight and above all, in sorted way.

The new search engine is also proud of its own "green search" capacities, as they provide a particular part of their gross income with each search completed and advertisements clicked. It's their response to supporting the surroundings as google support the nature by making use of their particular Eco-friendly internet search engine known as "Blackle".

The truly amazing information about getting their particular plugins for browsers like Chrome, opera fostered the morale of its software engineers. This plugin can make that actually easier for consumers to find anything they're trying to find on-line, removing the hassle of opening the home page of Frompo. The plugin comes in many browsers and will probably be developed and enhanced as time passes by committed and happy programmers.

About Frompo
Today, Frompo is known as the eco-friendly search Engine that donates part of their income to charity, it has been in business for many years. Frompo is at the forefront in the game of the latest generation of search engines. Frompo is a recent and fresh search engine and slowly being accepted as one of the most constant and updated search engines accessible on the internet right now.

Contact Information:
For more information and other media related inquiries, please contact:
Martin Nodskov
Phone: 2320 6052
Complete Address: From PO Inc., Skanderborgvej 1 - 1 tv.
Zip Code: 8000
City: Aarhus
Country: Denmark