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Frompo has developed and designed web-crawler on JAVA Platform for organized and automated search.


Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Frompo is newest clear and eco-friendly search engine. This is a team of several users who curate search results for everybody to improve the browsing experience. Frompo is a curated search engine that extensively customizes search outcomes according to personal requirements. The phrase 'curate' means to organize and monitor; curator of a group. This holds especially for Frompo contemplating its procedure - it collects the most connected queries from Bing, Yahoo! And Google and supplies them in a handy search package.

Sometimes, when one browse for a matter within the search engine; they get a few search outcomes which are irrelevant, junk or dangerous. Frompo eliminates this problem by supplying the whole power of the web search engine. Truly speaking users may personalize their own personal search engine outcomes. For example, one can immediately seek any video, sound or pictures, web log or website using special requirements or standards, say -genres, singer, album, pictures, audio, recording or channel, podcasts, authors, anchors, tweets, following web feeds or something one could possibly want!

Aim of Frompo is to find and classify the best info for certain subject. While additional search engines typically get their optimum traffic in the initial 10 to 20 percent of the indices. Frompo bring away quite particular and up to search outcomes according to consumer requirements.

About Frompo
Frompo is a web search engine which aids web users to get the contents or questions related to it they truly are searching for by providing curated search results. Frompo may be a latest search engine but it is slowly becoming popular as one of the most stable and up to date search engines accessible on the net right now.

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