FrontPageit Launch Set to Make Social Media News Streams Relevant Again with a Tailored Curation App

The new FrontPageIt app bring user-friendliness, shareability, relevant curated content and tailored news feeds back to your social media platforms.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2015 -- FrontPageIt, a new social media curatorship and sharing app has launched, with the mission to return control of the news feed to the users. The one-of-a-kind tool allows users to handpick topics they genuinely care about, as well as specify experts they want to appoint as topic curators. It strictly delivers relevant content and makes it easy to stay on top of the subjects you're interested in.

As per the latest Internet sharing volume data, people now are living in a new Age of Aquarius: the Age of the ZetaByte. The level of global IP traffic has increased five times over the past five years and will continue to grow at a comparable pace. It will take more than 5 million years to watch all the video content online by 2019. Google processes 40k queries per second and over 143k tweets are fired within the same span of time.

With so much information floating in cyberspace, it's impossible to keep up. Niche interests get drowned out by the white noise of brunch pictures and cat videos. Ultimately, the overwhelmed user ends up frustrated that the information they actually care about never seems to reach them anymore. Meanwhile, social media platform engineers toil away at refining their algorithms, but the pace of sharing seems too fast even for them to keep up.

FrontPageIt aims to take the frustration out of the individual social media experience. You, the user, know who an expert of a topic is. A spokesperson for FrontPageit explained, "You may know an expert with political opinions you don't agree with, but with great taste in music. You can select to see the songs, albums, and videos they share, while ignoring everything else.

This is an app that understands the problem of information overload. In response, it delivers a junk-free information sharing experience, which promises to leave you feeling entertained, but not exhausted and overwhelmed. On FrontPageIt, you can cull out the clickbaiting headlines, sales pitches, and pointless personal stories. The app allows users to appoint thought leaders and influencers as curators, by nominating them through their Twitter handles."

About FrontPageit
FrontPageit helps users organize online content in general by maximizing the platforms' content distribution capacities. The app allows individuals to discover relevant videos, articles, and other media, connect with friends, and curate a tailored feed. Each topic digest is curated by real users and the individual gets to select the topics. For more information please visit: