Fruit Trees Nursery Announces Addition of New Tree to Catalog


Douglas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- Legg Creek Farm, LLC, a Douglass, Texas-based fruit tree nursery, has announced that they are selling a crop of Allegheny chinquapin trees for the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 season.  Allegheny chinquapin (Castanea pumila) is a nut tree that is native to the southernUnited States.  Its native range includes most of the southeasternU.S.states, including easternTexasand northernFlorida.  Allegheny chinquapin (also spelled chinkapin) trees produce an edible nut and are related to the American chestnut tree.

Company owner Trey Watson says that he is glad his company was able to get Allegheny chinquapin seed.  “This is a disappearing tree,” Watson says.  “Native stands get infected with the imported chestnut blight.  Fewer and fewer of these trees are in the wild each year due to the blight, so we are glad to have some to offer to our customers.”

Watson also said that Allegheny chinquapins were an important part of the diets of early settlers and Native Americans.  “They grow well in a wide range of soil types and are pretty easy to grow,” he said.  He’s talked to older customers who remember them from childhood.  “We hope to have a small part in introducing this tree to a new generation of gardeners.”

In addition to native trees, Legg Creek Farm ( sells numerous modern fruit tree types and varieties, including apples, pears, persimmons, and many others.  Watson said that adding native trees, including the chinquapin, to his company’s catalog was an easy choice.  “There’s nothing as tasty as a harvest of fruit or nuts from a native tree, especially one as unique as the chinquapin,” he said.  “Plus the native trees will produce for decades.”

Chinquapin tree nuts, according to, taste like sweet chestnuts and are a favorite food for a wide variety of wildlife.

Watson said that Legg Creek Farm has a limited quantity of Allegheny chinquapin trees.  They can be found for purchase on the Legg Creek Farm, LLC website.

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