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Fryer HQ Unveils Top Deep Fryer Resource for Consumers

New site collects objective, detailed reviews, informative guides, reliable rankings


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Fryer HQ announced the unveiling of its one-of-a-kind resource aimed at consumers shopping for deep fryers for home use. The comprehensive site focuses entirely on appliances of this sort, centralizing in-depth coverage and reviews to an extent found nowhere else on the Web. It also includes helpful educational materials dedicated to giving consumers the background knowledge necessary to make good purchases of this sort for their own kitchens.

"Like many Americans," company spokesman David Cullens explained, "we're huge fans of deep-fried foods here at Fryer HQ. At the same time, we were struck by the dearth of really useful informational resources regarding the devices used to create them." With an extensive selection of independent, unbiased, deep fryer reviews, the site helps consumers sort through an ever-expanding selection of these machines by measuring and describing factors such as frying performance, ease of use, and reliability. The operators of the site also summarize their various findings in the form of lists which rank the top-performing fryers across a number of categories, including those that make use of less or no oil while cooking.

Thanks in part to a growing awareness that it is excessive intake of carbohydrates and refined sugars, and not of fats, that poses the greatest dietary-related health risk to most, deep fat fryers have become increasingly popular for home use in recent years. Consumers have also learned that, when utilized properly, these devices impart relatively small amounts of fat to the items fried in them, while delivering extremely delicious and satisfying food. Those who have deep fryers at home can also oversee the preparation of these foodstuffs in a way that they could not when eating out, allowing them to make their own decisions regarding how they are cooked.

"The fact is that fried foods can be as healthful as they are delicious," Cullens continued, "and consumers have a terrific number of options when it comes to frying mediums. Low-fat and air fryers make it so even those who remain leery of fat consumption can enjoy crispy, golden fried foods of any kind, too." Devotees of modern low-carbohydrate diets have come to appreciate fried foods for the high degree of satiety they provide. Many find that frying in animal fats such as lard or beef tallow produces foods of inimitable richness and flavor, while others have enjoyed similar results using relatively exotic frying mediums such as coconut or avocado oils.

Founded specifically in response to the growing interest and demand of this sort, Fryer HQ is committed to remaining the most comprehensive and valuable resource of this type on the Internet. The site plans to continue expanding its already-generous reviews section and has commissioned a number of additional guides to supplement those already in place. At the present time, it offers an unmatched selection of reviews covering fryers in every price range, as well as a number of helpful guides detailing everything from the basics of deep fryers to the issues surrounding the selection of frying oils.

About Fryer HQ
Created in order to address a lack of resources focusing specifically on consumer-oriented deep fryers, the Web site Fryer HQ opened in 2014. With a broad array of detailed reviews, fryer ranking lists, and informative guides, it serves as a one-stop destination for those considering buying deep fryers.