Fstars Launches E-Learning Website in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Fstars has emerged as a trend setter in Singapore by starting the first of its kind e-learning website. The company’s founder Peter Yu says that “We are going to provide low price, high standard e-learning course in Singapore. E-learning will decrease the price of courses in Singapore, and everyone can afford it”.

E-learning is a method in which education and training is imparted via the internet. Students and professionals can enroll in wordpress courses, SEO courses, affiliate marketing courses and others to gain knowledge at the comfort of their home. The training and testing services are given via web, and people enrolled in e-learning in Singapore don’t need to visit a school for any reason.

Mr. Peter’s statement shows that he is looking forward to bring education to everyone’s doorstep. All individuals that were unable to register for courses due to their personal engagements or higher costs of education can now enjoy quality education at flexible timings. Singapore is a costly place to live. As far as education sector is concerned, the innovation brought ahead by Mr. Yu will likely bring a change in education sector.

Professionals must attend workshops and supplementary courses to enhance their professional capabilities. Unfortunately, most professionals are not able to spare time for attending routine classes. This results in professional backwardness and poor on the job performance. Fstars e-learning Singapore initiative will be helpful for all such underperforming, and eager professionals that want to enhance their performance.

The internet offers logical solutions for polishing employees and students. Around 80% professionals use computers on their jobs. When lectures are delivered via tech based solutions, the learning process becomes pretty inexpensive. No premises are required to bring learners and trainers under one roof. The trainers can record video lectures and develop online assignments and quizzes while sitting on the computer. Similarly people enrolled in courses can easily access lectures and solve quizzes online to find their standing. The trainer evaluates course attenders by checking their assignments and quizzes. Similarly there are question and answer sessions between students and trainers. In some cases video conference is also used.

Peter Yu’s e-learning Singapore will boost confidence among students. Traditional classroom teaching encourages discussion among peers, but only to small extent. Discussion groups between people enrolled in a course doesn’t just help them understand the topics deeply, but it also improves their communication skills.

Fstars e-learning Singapore website has come just in time when there are a very few such websites in the local market. Professionals and students from the region required an economical and flexible learning platform that could enhance their intellectual abilities. Fstars website can be visited for more information.

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