Can FUE Hair Transplant in Singapore Rescue Your Hair Line from Excessive Hair Fall and Baldness?

Hair regrowth for men and women going through excessive hair loss


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 -- Those suffering from male hair loss (male pattern baldness) or female hair loss (female pattern baldness) or thinning hair in general, probably have spent countless number of hours and money trying frantically looking for a hair loss remedy which works.

Plying the aisles of shopping centres hoping for some form of proven hair treatment shampoo, supplement or oils.

Alas most are faced with hundreds if not thousands of options and none are distinctly different from the other, hence most will be burning through lots of hard earned money buying false products.

The truth is, it is actually easy to prevent excessive hair fall, especially if one knows how.

The best way, in terms of hair restoration, would be to seek a medically proven method of regaining lost hairs.

FUE hair transplant is currently one of the more popular method of restoration in both males and females.

The reason being, is that it is a procedure which incurs a one-time transplant cost (unless you opt for prescription pills after the procedure) which amounts to a simple fee of about $5 to $7 per hair transplanted.

Hairs from “rich” areas of the scalp (sides and back) will be transplanted onto the “poor” areas (front and crow) of the scalp, to cover up hair loss where needed.

This is a permanent method of hair treatment which addresses bald spots, and, if any hair loss sufferer would like to know how to stop hair loss, the answer is simple, it has to be thru a combination of lasers, pills and transplantation.

The best way to get started will be via a consultation with a qualified doctor, here's a doctor in Singapore who fits the bill.

Hence, hair regrowth for men and women is possible with this breakthrough known as fue hair transplant available in Singapore. is a website which helps you locate certified and qualified doctors who are able to help you reverse your excessive hair loss and get thick natural hair again.