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Full Body Vibration Machines Recommended for Body Ailments and Healthy Lifestyle


Hewlett, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2017 -- With each make and model of vibration machines offering its own typical characteristics, it is said that individuals can find their perfect fit by finding out the type and magnitude of vibration provided by each machine. What works well for one customer may not necessarily work well for another.

Over the years, continued use of the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines have delivered significant benefits to the individual. Some of the most popular in the market today includes the DKN XG10 Pro, VMax Trio 2, DKN XG5 Pro, VibaCore 5000, Vibra Trim 400 and many more. With high quality machines, individuals can even vibrate at as high as 50 Hz. At such a speed, an individual body can complete a full 50 vibration cycles in a single second. The vibrations will provide acceleration to the entire body. It will move the muscles, the joints and other parts of the body. Such a movement in the form of acceleration will result in significant exercises for the entire body. While a good quality machine ensures that it does not disrupt the natural flow of the blood vessels, it will remove cellulites, toxins and other undesirable substances from the entire body. Individuals who have used it continuously have reported a remarkable decrease in their over all weight and has improved in their blood purification and detoxification process. The market offers two types of vibrations for the body. The first is the pivotal vibration. The body is moved in a vertical direction (up-down). In good quality products, individuals can expect an amplitude of up to 8-10mm. It is highly recommended for individuals suffering from knee injuries, joint issues, back pain and other similar injuries. It is relatively milder than the linear vibration. Here the movement is horizontal in nature, offering a mix of front-rear and left-right direction.

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