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Full Coverage Auto Insurance Guide Now Available at 4-Insure.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- 4-Insure.com, a free online insurance quote provider and comparison site, announces its full coverage auto insurance guide online at http://www.4-Insure.com/full-coverage. Comparing auto insurance quotes from top providers like Allstate, Progressive, and State Farm, 4-Insure.com helps visitors compare rates quickly and easily to find the best quotes available for the coverage they need.

4-Insure.com also provides articles on a variety of insurance-related topics to help consumers make the best insurance choices they can. Recent articles include information on temporary and short-term insurance, being ticketed in another state and its effect on premiums, and a review of the least and most expensive states for auto insurance. 4-Insure.com's new article on full coverage auto insurance now provides readers with understanding of this often misunderstood topic.

According to 4-Insure.com, in legal terms, there is actually no real "full coverage" auto insurance, as there are so many unknown variables that it makes it impossible to insure against every possible outcome. When someone says they are fully covered, it likely means their insurance plan includes collision, comprehensive and liability coverage. While referred to as full coverage, these plans don't actually provide coverage against everything. This means that in the event of damage that falls outside of the coverage area, the car insurance company will not pay for the costs to fix the car.

According to the article on 4-Insure.com's website, "Often times, policyholders become upset when insurance companies refuse to pay for damages even though they thought they were fully covered. Because we do not want to mislead you, when you see the phrase 'full coverage car insurance' on our site at 4-Insure.com, just realize that it only refers to a car insurance policy that includes collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and liability coverage. Although these three coverage types will cover just about 99 percent of the accidents that could occur on the road, know that it is not 'full coverage' in the literal or legal sense."

Fortunately, because the vast majority of accidents fall under collision, comprehensive or liability categories, full coverage insurance does still provide a great deal of relief against the damage caused by auto accidents and other incidents. 4-Insure.com's online quote tool allows readers to quickly search for the best rates on the auto insurance that meets their needs.

About 4-Insure.com
4-Insure.com is an auto insurance quote provider located in New York City. Founded in early 2013 by Jake Kennedy, 4-Insure.com hopes to become the top source for free insurance quotes in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.4-Insure.com/full-coverage/.