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Paris, Ile-de-France -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- To distinguish between effective weight-loss supplements than those that are simply hoax, MinceurEclair.com offers a unique service of personally testing popular supplements and providing a comprehensive review based on the test results. The website recently tested the weight loss supplement Café Vert, a green coffee bean extract based product which is gaining immense popularity in France.

The pharmaceutical industries throughout the world have seen a breakthrough in the weight-loss supplements due to the discoveries of certain plants that are not only effective but also natural, resulting in minimum or in most cases no side effects at all. These discoveries were rather simply the recognition by the Western medical researchers of ancient methods & remedies to cure ailments and even most severe of diseases.

The re-discoveries have led to emergence of many new manufacturers who are claiming they have the next best supplement especially when it comes to the weight loss supplement providers.

The editors are well versed with the trend of the pharmaceutical industry specifically in France and have already concluded that Green Coffee Bean Extract is highly effective in losing weight. However the editors want to separate the best from the rest, and following that procedure decided to test Café Vert. The test subjects of the personal tests were given full month supply of Cafe Vert i.e. 2 capsules a day and were asked to maintain their physical activity and not to increase or decrease their exercise durations.

The manufacturers of Café Vert claim that consistent usage of the supplement will lead to substantial fat burn, boost in metabolism and balanced sugar levels. The test was aimed to confirm these claims.

The test subjects did not witness any difference after 3-4 days of consumption however after 5 days slowly their appetite was being suppressed. This appetite suppressing did not result in reduced energy and in fact many subjects state that their energy was much better due to the supplement and they were able to perform multiple tasks within a day. The subjects also reported very slight weight difference in the first week however increasing weight loss in second, third and fourth week. The final weight at the end of the test was much less than what the test subjects started with. An average of 4-5 kg of weight loss was reported. Certain individuals even lost 7-8 kg.

MinceurEclair.com concluded that the green coffee bean extract supplement Café Vert is definitely effective and is one of the best weight-loss supplements they have ever reviewed. Due to the natural ingredients in the supplement, the website also recommends Café Vert to individuals seeking aid in losing weight via healthy manner.

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MinceurEclair.com is one of the leading personal blogs that provides comprehensive reviews of various weight loss supplements available in France. The editors of the blog, http://minceureclair.com, recently reviewed and personally tested the Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement, the extra slimming ‘Café Vert’. Full analysis of Café Vert and results of the personal test can now be viewed on the website.

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