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Brasilia, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 --, a website dedicated in sharing highly effective bodybuilding techniques and reviewing bodybuilding supplements, has recently published a full review of the increasingly popular pro workout formula Turbo Force. The review also contains specific details of the experience of working out while consuming Turbo Force, as the editors of the website performed a personal 4-week test on the muscle building supplement.

Despite the numerous positive feedbacks of Turbo Force both by amateur bodybuilding enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders, the editors of decided to personally test the Turbo Force Brazil. The personal test which lasted for 4 weeks was based on the addition of 1 pill of Turbo Force everyday to the daily workout routine.

The manufacturers of Turbo Force claim that the supplement will increase muscle mass, endurance and energy. These types of claims have been made many-a-times and now are very common in the booming supplement industry. However the additional claim by the Turbo Force manufacturers that results will be clearly visible in 1 month of consumption has caught a lot of attention. The editors of were somewhat certain that in the long run Turbo Force will be effective, but to determine whether 4 weeks are enough or not was the prime purpose of the personal test.

The personal test revealed that the customer testimonials stating nearly 6-7 kg of added muscle mass in 4 weeks could not be confirmed, but the personal test subjects did add a muscle mass of 3-4 kg in 1 month. Increase in energy and endurance were observed even quicker after only 3-4 days of consumption. Increased muscle in arms and especially in the abdomen leading to slightly visible 6 packs were also observed by the subjects.

With all three claims confirmed – increased muscle mass, endurance and energy – the website concludes that Turbo Force is indeed an effective pro workout supplement and if taken for over 3-4 months a significant difference could be visible. The site also informed that according to them Turbo Force is one of the most fast working workout supplements available in the industry.

About is one of the leading blogs in Brazil that is focused on sharing bodybuilding techniques and reviews of bodybuilding supplements. The editors of the blog,, recently reviewed and tested the increasingly popular pro workout formula “Turbo Force”. Full details of the personal test which was performed for the duration of 4 weeks are now published on the website.

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