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Fully-Managed Scrub & Lab Coat Solutions Now Available from ImageFIRST


High Point, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2018 -- This January, ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists introduced fully-managed scrub and lab coat solutions to medical facilities nationwide. These programs all rely on the use of UHF RFID technology.

Medical facilities often struggle managing scrub inventory, which is due to a number of reasons such as staff accidentally wearing scrubs home, insufficient inventory, or having the wrong sizes in stock. To help ensure that medical centers always have the scrubs they need, ImageFIRST turned to UHF RFID technology, providing an innovative way to manage their staff apparel.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless communication that uses radio waves to track and identify objects. This proven technology allows for fast scanning of multiple items at once, providing accurate and real-time reporting. UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency, the latest in RFID technology.

ImageFIRST installs a UHF RFID chip in every scrub and lab coat, enabling clients to track down where missing items are located, manage inventory, minimize loss, and ensure staff accountability.

Medical facilities can work with ImageFIRST to create their own program by selecting the styles of scrubs and lab coats they want, choosing an inventory management program that fit their needs, picking a storage program, and optionally adding a proactive guarantee. They can also order additional bed sheets for their healthcare center, whether in Mecklenburg, NC, or anywhere else in ImageFIRST's service area.

ImageFIRST offers scrubs and lab coats from trusted manufacturers. Before the scrubs are delivered at the beginning of the program, each staff member is measured to ensure that all sizing is correct. Clients can also choose if they would like to customize their lab coats or scrubs with embroidery.

All of ImageFIRST's programs are designed to alleviate stress for medical staff, allowing them to focus on patient care. Healthcare facilities can turn to ImageFIRST for solutions pertaining to issues of missing scrubs, low inventory, or incorrect sizes.

To learn more about their fully-managed scrub and lab coat solutions, or to order bed sheets for healthcare facilities in Chapel Hill, NC, or anywhere else in the United States and Puerto Rico, administrators can visit or call 800-932-7472.

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