ApplenMicro Is the New Italian Webagency Which Respects Google's Quality Guidelines

A new webagency has been inaugurated in Udine. is a SEO team of proven reliability: they optimize pages while complying with Google’s guidance.


Udine, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2013 -- Nowadays optimization is not an easy task: many businessmen know that Google has increased its austerity towards websites. Big G is indeed very strict towards SEOs, and punishes faulty webmasters who make gimcrack mistakes and do very foolish things. Onpage optimization is not enough for an online business: every SEO should do more, and do it prudently., of siti web bologna area, can operate accurately by studying errors, redirects, external links, keywords, URLs, duplicate content, headings, meta robots, rel canonical, file size, page depth level, internal links, anchor text, follow & nofollow, images, bot crawling. They analyze the circumstances, the potential visitors, and arrange the best strategy in order to enhance websites’ traffic.

In Italy Fumini’s kingdom is sviluppo siti. Website development is the first step of an attempt to do online business, the second one is SEO. This kind of work, Search Engine Optimization, is a very subtle one. A bad optimization could prejudice the most beautiful website on earth. Easily Google perceives if someone is trying to be tricky. A SEO is made of so many little, artful actions: tricks and shrewdness, sheer numbers and precise limits to observe. is the best webagency of northern Italy: siti web udine is its main area, as well as optimization and web marketing. has helped growing many italian enterprises. Online shops, companies, little and big traders. Great attention to details, clever and effective meta descriptions, suitable URLs, proper title tags: SEO is built on many things. and its SEOs can produce very rich texts, meaningful contents, that make the real quality of a website. In Italy is very renowned because of their computer efficiency. Between informatics and web marketing there is SEO. will be very glad to welcome its potential customers, in order to explain what a SEO is and to propose a business strategy.
Via Primulacco 2
33010 Reana del Rojale – Udine (italy)
tel: 3316192231