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Fun Action Game Space Balls Pilot Now Available to the Public


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Spaceballs Pilot, a new action game that combines jump ‘n’ run, adventure, and puzzle game elements, has recently been unveiled to the public. The game includes several fantastic features: gamers can play five different balls with special features; collect lost items; pass through obstacle courses; solve puzzles; upgrade skills through power ups; and jump, roll, shoot, and move objects.

Space Balls Pilot takes the player through a fascinating story. A meteorite damaged an intergalactic supply transporter carrying goods to isolated colonies. Many supplies and energy cells were destroyed during the crash, but one section of the goods landed on nearby islands. A high quantity of sulfur makes it impossible for humans to retrieve the goods, so the ship’s captain decides to use a “Space Ball” to save the lost items. The captain’s daughter, a great Space Ball Pilot, steps forward as a volunteer for the mission.

At this time, a prototype version of Space Balls Pilot is available for download. The mini game includes 20 levels and three different balls. The new version of the game enhances the user’s experience, especially because of the increase in texture quality.

The creators of Spaceballs Pilot are currently accepting donations through Indiegogo to fund the game project. The company’s goal is to raise €65,000 by April 28, 2014. This money will be used to cover development, programming, and level design costs: the team hopes to hire graphic designers, animators, and translators; purchase console licenses; and distribute the game as time progresses.

Space Balls Pilot’s creators is offering several perks in exchange for contributions, such as the PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac versions of the game, promotions, and game download links.

“This is a fixed funding campaign, meaning that if we don’t meet our goal, all contributions will be refunded,” noted an article on Space Balls Pilot’s Indiegogo page. “The sooner we reach that goal, the sooner we can get started on Space Balls Pilot, the sooner we can show you progress, and the sooner we can release her.”

Individuals interested in learning more about Space Balls Pilot can visit the game’s Indiegogo campaign page for additional information. Visitors are also welcome to contact the creators of Space Ball Pilot with questions about its games and subscribe to the company’s development blog for frequent updates.

About Space Balls Pilot
Space Balls Pilot is an action game with jump 'n' run, adventure and puzzle games elements. Gamers can play five different balls with special features. The game’s fun features include jumping, rolling, shooting, moving objects, swinging with magnetic beams, swimming, and diving. Players can also collect lost items, defeat enemies, pass through obstacle courses and resolve puzzles, and upgrade their skills with power ups. For more information, please visit http://igg.me/at/spaceballspilot