Fun Fact LOL Launches New Fun Information Database

Multimedia website aims to bring some laughs to people’s daily lives


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- Fun Fact LOL, a multimedia website has created an information database of news and other fun items, which can work as a good dose of humour in people's lives.

Today, people all over the world leading stressful lives and are stretched to the limit in personal and professional walks of their lives. Several demands are made on their time as they are constantly keeping up with deadlines and handling many responsibilities at the same time. They can do with some humour and laughter in their lives, which is known to be the biggest stress buster.

Fun Fact LOL has offered a way to ensure that people can add a happy sprinkling of humour into their lives with the help of the articles it has in store for them. This specially created website has been divided into three categories to make things easy and convenient for users. They can go through the different categories and find information or entertainment they want at any point in their day.

The Fun section is where they can read about interesting incidents and stories that have happened in the world. People are often intrigued by these stories and like to share them with their friends and loved ones. But they can be missed when one is busy with the daily chores and tasks. Thankfully now Fun Fact LOL has them all in one place so that they can be referred to whenever one wants.

The Fact section brings news from all around the world at users' fingertips. Through lists and facts, users can keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings in different walks of life; from fashion to politics. But there are times when people just want to have a good laugh without a care in the world. At times like these they can refer to the LOL section that has several hilarious posts that can tickle their funny bone. Different cute stories and postings can add a bit of warmth in their daily lives. Thus Fun Fact LOL is a one stop source of information and entertainment for users.

About Fun Fact LOL
It is a multimedia website that strives to offer people some relief from their stressful lives through some humour while keeping them abreast with the latest news from all over the world.

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