Westgate Memorial Fund

Fund Set Up to Help Raise Funds for Victims of the Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack in Kenya


St. Augustine, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Westgate Memorial Fund is seeking financial contributions from both the national and international community in order to raise funds to be donated to those affected by the recent Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya that left hundreds of people critically injured and several innocent people dead.

The creation of Westgate Memorial Fund was necessitated by the fact that many Americans, friends of Kenya from the different parts of the world, and Kenyan nationals who live outside Kenya wanted to do something to help, but they could not find a way to reach those in need. The primary goal of Westgate Memorial Fund is to raise money which will help the victims of the terrifying attack that happened in Kenya.

Most people who died in the terrorist attack, majority of whom were Kenyan citizens, were regular innocent people who were going on with their normal lives before this horrifying attack happened. Those who were injured during the attack deserve to move on and get through with their life after such a traumatic incident. With the help of the money that will be raised, these individuals can have a normal life again. Every cent that will be donated counts and it will help create a huge effect in the lives of these victims.

The fund will also help to pay for school fees for those kids who lost their parent or parents during the terrorist attack. The Westgate Memorial Fund also hopes to give tribute to those who lost their lives by collaborating with Kenyan agencies in putting up a monument where all the victims of this tragedy will always be remembered.

The Westgate Memorial Fund encourages people from all over the world to help with this endeavor by making a donation. “Any amount that will be given is truly appreciated. To ensure accountability and transparency, we promise that all the names of anyone who makes a donation will be posted on the website. In addition, all the details and information about every donation and how the funds are distributed to the victims will also be posted on the http://westgatememorialfund.org/ website for all to see.” said Martin Kabaki, a Kenyan who lives in Jacksonville, Florida who is helping organize the campaign.

Mr. Kabaki also helped to collect emergency supplies after a massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. He also recently helped raise money to set up a nonprofit dialysis Kenya in Naivasha, Kenya where renal failure is on the rise.

Westgate Memorial Fund is an organization that was primarily created to help those who have been victims of Westgate Mall terrorist attack. They are dedicated to helping the victims move on with their lives after this tragic incident.

For more details about raising funds to be donated for to the victims of the Westgate mall terrorist attack in Kenya, please visit their website at http://westgatememorialfund.org/ or see their video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0xB1kuz3qk

Organization: Westgate Memorial Fund
Contact: Martin Kabaki
Website: http://westgatememorialfund.org/
Email: info@westgatememorialfund.org
Phone: 904-554 1073