FundProVo Inc., Brings Public and Private Sectors Together to Facilitate Social Changes Brings Public and Private Sectors Together to Facilitate Social Changes


Columbia, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- In an effort to bring about positive changes to the global community by way of charity, has decided to bring all the public and private sectors together. Apart from this, there are several other famous personalities and charitable organizations which have become a part of their projects. Be it the recent floods in Nepal or the suffering of the people of Greece, they have started a number of beneficial campaigns. These aim to raise money for specific people who are in dire need so as to improve their present living conditions.

Their campaigns are spread across the globe and are not restricted to a particular area. They are believed to use the services of experts for each issue. This is to ensure customized solutions to their projects. Their CEO, who was one involved with CGI U has initiated this website for the betterment of the global community as a whole. His previous experience has helped in creating a number of opportunities for several social causes. The website is even involved in providing volunteers to organizations which have undertaken similar projects.

The website says, "Our Company follows the footsteps of the CGI U (founded by Bill Clinton) and the Resolution Project. These two have been pioneers in bringing together innovative ideas and solutions in their endeavors. There are many people in the world who require our help and if we can spare a small part of our income, it will mean the world to them. Be it a chronic medical condition or sexual abuse, there are many victims who aspire for our help. This is just a small step to ensure that they get the required aid on time."

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The website claims that they have take 50% less of what other service providers are charging for the same. They have different modules to choose from and depending on the feasibility, a prospective member can opt for one. Apart from the money, the website also invites volunteers and ideas from them which will make the whole process faster and convenient.

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