Funeral Planning Services

Funeral Plan Services Promote Prepaid Funerals at Fixed and One-Time Costs

Funeral Plan Services offer variation of prepaid funerals at economical prices to consumers without age or health limitations.

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Long Stratton, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Funeral Plan Services present cost-efficient prepaid funerals at fixed rates, without additional costs at time of funeral arrangements. The type of plans selected determines the services provided. There are plans that covers the director’s costs with limousine and cash disbursements. The economical plan covers only the director’s costs for coffin, transportation and directing funeral service.

Consumers don’t have to concern themselves with making arrangement because the Director takes care of it. The Liberty prepaid funerals require a single payment between £2,095 and £3,295. All funds paid into the plans are kept secured until it’s time to withdraw and pay for services. Cash disbursements are available with some of the plans, which the consumer receives immediately to cover expenses.

Funerals are events that are inevitable and can create financial stress on family members and spouses. Prepaid funerals relieve those stresses and give loved-ones a peaceful state of mind knowing that disbursement of all cost is accessible when needed. There are absolutely no hidden costs added to the Director’s services for transporting and caring for the deceased.

A spokesperson said, “Funeral Plan Services provide coverage through Liberty to cover all Directors’ service costs. The company networks with participating funeral directors in the United Kingdom. Consumers may choose the director they prefer to provide services and arrange funerals.”

About Funeral Plan Services
Funeral Plan Services is a British business offering prepaid and flexible plans for funerals. The company is trustworthy with over 17 years of experience providing quality and low-cost funeral arrangements. Call 0800 41 30 46 or visit Funeral Plan online to discover the benefits of prepaid services.