Fungal Meningitis Offers Diagnosis and Treatments for Fungal Meningitis


cheboygan, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Fungal infections can be of several types affecting different parts of human. When fungus attacks the outer coverings or membranes of spinal cord and brain commonly known as the Meninges, the patient gets affected by an infection called the fungal meningitis. At the website people can learn a lot about fungal meningitis and various other health related matters. In fact this site serves as a great repertoire of useful resources, up-to-date info, medical news and posts

People suffering from immune deficiencies, AIDS patients or those who are taking immunosuppressant medications after some major organ transplant surgery are more prone to contracting this kind of fungal infection. Most of the time the first attacks the particular zone of the patient’s body and then gradually multiplies to reach the brain. The general symptoms of meningitis are very high fever, vomiting, seizure, stiff neck, headache, skin rash, loss of appetite, light sensitivity, drowsiness, changed mental status and a patient of fungal meningitis will also suffer from all the above symptoms. Fungal meningitis is not infectious or contagious by nature but the alarming thing is that this sort of fungal infection cannot be prevented through vaccinations. A less dangerous and quite curable form of meningitis is the aseptic meningitis. Viruses cause this type of meningitis.

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